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Lone Social

Our oxymoronic name, Lone Social, stems from our belief that everyone deserves a place to belong. While we can’t solve the paradox of feeling alone even while surrounded by others, we hope our music can make the heartaches a little less lonely and the parties a lot more fun.


So wherever you find yourself listening to Lone Social, from the corners of the bar to the center of the dance floor, you too can be Lone Social.


The new single, Heathrow was released on January 7th, 2022.

The story of 'Heathrow' was inspired by a plethora of stories from Evans and Clark's life. As long time travelers, Lone Social leverages the location of the Heathrow airport to tell a story about the "what if's" of any relationship taking that next step. The heart behind this song is simply about, "what if I really moved to London for this relationship I'm in?" This song was written in 45 minutes after overhearing a conversation at a Mexican restaurant. 

Let "Heathrow' open up your world and fly you to your own story of love.  

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Cooper Clark

The Band

A pop duo from Fayetteville, AR.

Together, these two weirdos make up the band we hope you come to know as Lone Social. Their signature sound comes from years of obsessing over John Mayer’s melody driven leads and Taylor Swift’s world of fantasy. Their heart is to bring tunes that are honest to the other weirdos and romantics of the world. 

As longtime best-friends, multi-dimensional artists, and aspiring improvisation comedians, Evans and Clark’s relationship is nothing short of unique. Cooper Clark steers the band’s studio efforts. Jacob Evans establishes the group's story as the lead vocalist and writer. The two artists combine their powers to form a fresh pop-rock sound, called Lone Social. 

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Jacob Evans

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Slow It Down

The debut single, Slow It Down was released on October 29, 2021.

'Slow it Down' documents a road trip Evans took across the country in a half-filled U-Haul, where his newly-proposed-to fiance met his family for the first time. When the duo sat down to write this song, they knew they wanted to remind themselves of that early feeling in any relationship.

Slow It Down, when you have more to say,

take the long way home.

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